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February 13, 2015

Watch our blog for more frequent updates on sales lists if you don't want to be placed on notification lists ahead of time. 



Fall 2013 yearling ram  and spring 2014 ram lambs available now.  Two of our stud rams are also available for sale. 

Price is $600-1500. 



It is not often that we sell mature ewes, so we don't typically keep a separate notification list for them. Watch our blog if you are interested if any become available in the future.  

We do not anticipate having any mature ewes available in 2015. 



Due to a change in a buyer's plans, we currently have approximately 19-20 fall 2014 ewe lambs for sale. Weaned and ready for transport now.    

We are developing a notification list for those who are interested in ewe lambs from the February 2015 crop. Please contact me to be placed on that list.  

Gate cut price is $350-400 each. Hand selection can be made for $50 more/head.


$25/animal discount if sold without registration papers. 

Export to Canada: We are checking on our eligibility to export rams to Canada since our voluntary scrapie regulations recently changed. However, we cannot export ewes at this time (but may be able to in the near future once we are certified for export status under the new scrapie regulations). Additional permit and health certificate fees will apply. 


Transportation: Buyers are responsible for their own transportation (or for making connections to final destination from locations listed below). However, we are willing to help with transportation when possible (additional fees apply). Possible 2015 transports may include: 

                         *  MD Sheep and Wool Festival (early May) 

                         *  Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, MO (late June)- not sure 

                              if this transport will happen in 2015

                         *  NAILE, Louisville, KY (Nov)

                         *  Possible connections with other buyers from your area 

                               who can transport additional animals  




Exposed ewes are sold as "exposed to rams" 

(veterinary ultrasound can confirm pregnancy at buyer's expense).

Non-refundable deposits required to hold animals.

Contact us for current sale list and more information.

Dorset sheep for sale. Dorset rams and ewes. Production oriented, foundation style, traditional Dorset sheep that are ready to work for you. Contact us for Dorset sheep for sale.    







                                         K Bar K Rams 


Dorset sheep for sale. Dorset rams and ewes. Production oriented, foundation style, traditional Dorset sheep that are ready to work for you. Contact us for Dorset sheep for sale.


We prefer that you come to the farm to see our flock, learn about our management, and select the ram or ewe that fits your specific needs.  However, we realize this is not always possible and will try to work with you on finding transportation when available.  



No foot rot problems in the flock.  Sheep are current on CD&T vaccination and internal parasite control. 

We are enrolled in NSIP (and previously LAMBPLAN) and have cross-flock ebv's (expected breeding values) on all  animals. They can be supplied on individual animals upon request. 

We are a Certified flock in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program and are working towards Export Certification in the recently updated scrapie program.

Registration and transfer fee included in purchase price. Slight discount if animal is sold without registration papers. 

Veterinary inspection for out-of-state health certificates can be arranged at the buyer's expense.

Additional health testing can be arranged at the buyer's expense.

Transportation not included in sale price.

All breeding animals purchased from K Bar K Farm are guaranteed breeders, if managed and cared for properly.


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Last Updated April 16, 2015

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